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Whole Care Counseling

Whole Care Counseling strives to help women, men, and families of color foster a "Whole-listic" approach to discovering their journey to healing and hope through improving their mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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Whole Care Counseling

  • Do you compare yourself to other people?

  • Do you find yourself saying yes, when you really want to say NO? 

  • Do you struggle with managing your emotions?

  •  Do you find yourself feeling stressed out lately?

  • Do you find yourself questioning your gender/sexual orientation?

  • Have you experienced micro-aggressions at work?  

  • Does the same negative thoughts continue to replay in your head?

  • Do you ever wonder why you keep attracting the same emotionally draining people and/or relationships?

  • Do you desire to establish and maintain healthy human connections, but unsure how? 

  • Are you always second guessing yourself, and/or your accomplishments?

  • Do you feel like you should be doing more in life?  

  • If you've said yes to any of these things,  maybe we can help you.

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All About the Whole You.

Utilizing a "whole-listic" approach to serve you.

Whole Care Counseling is infused with traditional talk therapy that focuses on whole-person healing. We believe in helping our clients reach mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical growth. We use person-centered, attachment, humanistic, solution focused, and a cognitive behavioral approach to help you reach your life goals.

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Services We Offer

We Care about the Whole You and not just part of You.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation, to help you determine if Whole Care is the right fit for you. We offer individual,  group therapy, family, and couples therapy sessions. We also offer Life/Wellness Coaching, and Professional consultation services. 

           We accept the following insurance:

                Kaiser, Cigna, and Optum

Please allow us 24-hours to respond to your inquiry. Please do no leave any confidential or private information on this site, as we care about your privacy. 


Individual Counseling

Here For You

If you’re looking for a safe and secured space that will allow you to make sense of the thoughts that are going through your mind, you're in the right place. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today and lets see how we can help you.


Couples Counseling

We all want to be heard, but are we listening?

In relationships, we all want to be heard, but is anyone listening? In our couples sessions, we provide a safe space to allow couples to express their needs and wants, and guide couples on listening to understand each other, versus listening to respond. We will learn how to engage in thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful conversations.


Family Counseling

"Nobody wins when the family Feud"

Being a member of a family unit can sometimes drown out the sound of your own voice. Often times, we can feel invisible in family units and struggle to establish and maintain independence outside of our family units. In our family sessions, we will learn how to allow for each member to be seen and heard. We will unlearn unhealthy familial patterns and create healthier ways of interacting with each other.

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